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About six months ago, I fell and hit my knee on my bathroom tile. From that day on I start experiencing severe pain in my knee and leg. I saw two different doctors. They prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and pain pills. The relief was only temporary, and after doing some research I found out, the side effects from these medications we’re not healthy for my body. I stopped taking them. My quality-of-life had diminished at least 30%. I was going to an affair my family was having one evening. My girlfriend and I stopped in Walmart to pick up some things we needed for the event. I told her my knee and leg was in so much pain I can hardly walk  or stand for any length of time. We were in the checkout line and she went into her purse and pulled out a small jar. She told me to rub some on my knee, so I did. Almost immediately I felt relief. I couldn’t believe it for the first time in more than six months I was pain-free. She explained to me that this was an all natural pain relief called EmEsEmIT cream. She said it was made Dr Shea. We got to the event and I forgot about pain I danced and laughed and enjoyed myself and enjoyed my family. I started applying the EmEsEmIT cream to my knee and leg about four times a day. I am pain-free and my quality-of-life is almost back to normal. My daughter is getting married in October. I feel confident that I’ll be able to dance at her wedding. Thank you Dr Shea, you change my life for the better.



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