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To provide a service that specializes in meeting the ever increasing needs of humanity in coping with pain, diseases, injuries, addictions, unhappiness, unfulfillment, premature death, suicides and proper lifestyle choices.

We accept the Biblical directive, Go Out, minister to and heal the sick and afflicted.

We operate with knowledge that God created the human in his own image and then made a body for the human to reside in of which had many different organs for many different purposes and functions which is to be governed by our thoughts and emotions

This body was perfect when the human was placed therein to reside for the duration of the life of the body, which depends on the care taken of it by the human resident.

Everything we do, consume, say or think, every emotion we have affects in some way one or more organs of the body, which results in the quality of health we experience. This is why we teach you to think and speak in ways that will assist you in building and maintaining the health of the spiritual and physical body.

We operate from love and a pure heart.  We are human...allow us to be that.



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