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Psychological, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Treatments


Kinesiology,,,(nutritional assessment)
Iridology...(eye analysis)
Biological Ionization Testing...(urine/saliva)
Psychological Profile
Energetic Corrections
Chakra Balancing
Herbal/Nutritional/Whole Foods Health & Healing Plan

$375 per session (Bach Flowers, Herbs and Nutritional Supplements are additional)



It has been documented from time long past that there are several personality types that are evident in people who are sick.  Bach flower testing is used as an aid in identifying the particular mood or personality characteristics so that a personalized remedy may be prepared from a repertoire of flower essences.  The results have been noted as being astounding.  Bach’s remedies stem from his belief that true medicine comes from, “The earth that nurtures the plant, the air from which it feeds, the sun or fire to enable it to impart its power, and water to collect and be enriched with its beneficial magnetic healing.

Flower remedies are used mainly for alleviating psychological, emotional, and mental trauma, stress, depression, feelings of low self-esteem, unworthiness, fear, worry, indecision, indifference, over caring, weakness, pride impatience, anger, etc.


Bach Flower Self Assessment Test:  Save the file below to your computer.


Right click this link and then choose "save target as "!

*This file is in pdf (portable document format) and requires . To get a free copy of the Adobe Reader, click here 


Personally prepared repertoire of flower essence - $30.00


This is an extremely effective, powerful, deeply relaxing and calming essential oil healing experience. Essential oils are dropped through your auric field cleansing your aura while raising the vibratory frequencies of your cells. Hot towels are placed on afterwards. It's magnificent!! Many peripheral disorders correct themselves with this treatment. This is our most requested treatment.

$150 a session


A technique of communicating with the body by using the electromagnetic energy of the body (much like the biofeedback received from an electrocardiogram) to detect organ and nutritional strengths or deficiencies. It also assists in determining the most effective course of healing for a particular individual. By stimulating the body's energy meridians, a trained professional can observe and translate nutritional messages of the person being tested.

$95 per session



The art of reading the map of the eyes. The eyes tell the story of the birth, growth, and the  now and future development of the body. It tells of cellular degeneration and regeneration and indicates levels of toxicity in/of the organs, blood, lymphatic system, digestive system, heart, lungs, skin, colon, etc. It detects tissue weakness and body predisposition to weakness, as well as energy levels and indications of oxygen levels and brain cell function.

$95 per session


A bio-mechanics technique that applies the knowledge of mechanics of the human skeletal system in order to normalize body structure and polarity.  Based on the correlation between stress, body balance and the high incidence of sickness, the Light Touch Treatment addresses this correlation with a procedure, which analyzes body distortion, then relaxes and re-polarizes the muscles ...permitting a normalization of the whole body structure. It initiates detoxification, alkalizes the body fluid, re-balances all the body systems simultaneously, reversing incidences of sickness and disease. L.T.T. works to enhance and accelerate the healing process of any disease or disorder. This is remarkably effective in relieving back, hip, leg and neck pain.  This treatment works extremely well on Parkinson’s'.

$95 per treatment



Aromatherapy is the knowledge and use of pure essential oils as a natural healing treatment. Applied directly to the body, combined with reflexology or simply by diffusion, pure essential oils rapidly enter the various cells of the body. Essential oils are the regenerating immune defense properties of plants. Essential oils have a bio-electric frequency. Every disease has a specific low vibrational frequency, when you introduce a substance of a higher frequency it raises the lower frequency. Clinical research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any substance known to man, which creates an environment in which disease, excess bacteria, virus, fungus, etc, cannot live.

$95 (Essential oils have a long Biblical history)



This is state of the art energetic healing. In almost all cases immediate results are felt, especially in pain relief. This is a most valuable tool in initiating and internalizing complete wellness. This is a method that addresses the 21 levels of energy, deciphers and corrects misdirected or altered frequencies and includes emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual as well as physical breakthroughs.

This healing process exemplifies the concept of Oneness. Using the knowledge of energy and understanding that at its most basic level, everything is energy, we can effect and often times induce immediate healing transformation within the body. This can be done at any distance.

$125 per 30 minute session


BIO CLEANSE (detox foot bath)

We don’t just call this treatment detox foot bath, we call this a detox foot bath experience, prior to the actual detox foot bath, we set the tone by playing soothing sounds of the ocean to relax the clients mind, we then place the client on a massage mat that helps to relax the body, next we do 5 to 7 minutes of foot reflexology, all this is done to encourage the body to release toxins.  This healing treatment engages and balances the electrical energies of the body.  The electrically charged water balances the body’s energy meridians by infusing and realigning the energy field.  It utilizes our body’s natural energy to remove toxins and heavy metals from the Bladder, Kidneys, Liver, Lymphatic system and other organs in the body.
$65 per session



This energy healing treatment is a laying on of hands. This session fine tunes the subtle energies of the body. It is deeply relaxing and calming. It encourages the journey of little distance between the head and the heart.

$95 per treatment


EUPHORIUM: The Ultimate Gift

This Ultimate Energy Healing Session includes:(see above for description) Light Touch...Raindrop...Reiki...Healing Touch ...Chinese Energetic....Bio-Genesis

$370/approx. 3 hr session



Reversing Depression and Anxiety

If you have been experiencing bouts of depression of anxiety, this is the answer.This is a program that has been proven to be extremely effective in freeing your mind to experience the joy in life. We have trained professionals in staff who will work with you to understand and overcome your present emotional state. You will learn to master essential coping techniques, positive self mind talk, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, guided meditation, steps to end panic attacks and the CSR's (common sense rules) of stress release.

This is a 16 week self-participatory program for children and adults

Come out of the Darkness into the Light!!!

$300 - 15 weeks - Self Awareness Program


Egyptian Ear Candling: $95.00/$165.00 (2)
Universal Pulsing: $65.00

A Natural Healing Affair presents "  A NATURAL SKIN AFFAIR "

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