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Natural Healing

We must live the life of seasons. We must support natures every step and cooperate with nature in all her ways. Understanding and living in harmony with the laws and creative forces of nature is the foundation of Natural Healing.
  • You don't have to be sick!
  • Find Peace, Joy & Health
  • Become An Amazing Life
  • Get in the Healing Zone

ARE YOU IN THE ZONE?  ...the Healing Zone that is! The Healing Zone is the internal bio-chemical range which allows the body to heal itself. If you are not in the zone, you are not likely to aquire the levelof health or healling you desire! REAMS biological ionization testing. Determine your level of health.


Introducing  the "Biological Ionization Test Health Zone  Assessment"

Determining your internal body chemistry reveals information on chemical and nutritional imbalances and provides an individualized detailed report with recommendations for bringing the body nutritionally into the optimum range for healing. This is a very unique and effective method of chemical analysis for assessing individual health levels and potential of health. The BIT Zone, (biological ionization test) is the study of how energy becomes matter and how matter becomes energy on a continuous basis. The purpose is to analyze and identify previously unrecognized electro-bio-chemical dysfunction.

This test reveals information regarding sugar levels, digestive and assimilation efficiency, circulation, fungal levels, amount of energy entering and leaving the body, urea levels, pH balance, kidney function, cellular reproduction, oxygen levels, constipation, protein metabolism, joint health, rate of aging, condition of the veins and arteries, potential for stroke, heart attack, emotions and much more.


It also provides effective nutritional and herbal guidelines and recommendations for reversing the dis-ease process & to assist in the rebalancing, rebuilding and regeneration of the physical body.


Additional Natural Health Treatments and Consulting Services are available.    Learn more!

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