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I arrived at this point in my life and career through a very arduous route and my experiences are varied and unique, as are yours!

So that you may get a glimpse into who I am, and understand my motivation, I share with you some scenes in this journey of life that have strongly contributed to liberating me from the program of sickness and limitation to a program of Go(o)d health and boundless belief in unlimited possibilities for a great and grand life.

I grew up in the “hood” of Los Angeles, CA in the mid 50’s. I was raised in a household with my Mom and Dad, 5 sisters and 1 older brother in a 2-bedroom rental home.

My Dad owned his own business…he was an electrician…a tv repairman until he later became a steelworker. My mother was, for the most part, a stay at home mom during my earliest years, did some housecleaning and then began to work at a window manufacturing company for many years until she took a job in a hospital.

At an early age, I began to display symptoms of ill health. Before entering kindergarten, I always had a cold with a sore throat…eventually leading to the removal of my tonsils. I had headaches, a weak bladder, recurring stomach aches with repeated trips to the hospital.

I was always sent home from there with some foul tasting concoction that I was forced, with much protest, to swallow. That obviously didn’t work because I still had so many sore throats until they decided to cut out my tonsils.

As I grew into my teens and young adulthood, the symptoms would vary…from migraines to muscle pain and weakness to sometimes physically going away altogether but showing up as emotional heaviness and trepidation. Eventually, it led to migraines, fibromyalgia, HBP, lupus, Colitis, Hypothyroidism, Brain tumor and partial blindness.



The entire experience became more and more grossly bizarre through each series of treatments that provided no lasting relief. While any relief I did feel came only after or through painful treatments and injections…and all the while I was getting worse and worse…until finally, the prescribed treatment was brain surgery! They told me that they were going to cut into the roof of my mouth and enter my brain and snatch the tumor out!

With that, they had pushed me too far beyond my common sense knowing that I had entered into a world of the never-ending story and that I had to make sense of things real quick if I was going to save my own life!

I walked away from that scene to discover that another world of health and healing existed and that it made absolute sense…and it worked…if you feed your body the nutrients it requires and cleans out the waste and debris, it can function again in the way it was intended to. I learned that if you feed your mind with thoughts of things that are holy, pure and of good report, that it brings a lightness to your heart that then feeds life to your tissues and cells!

I was on the road to redemption.

I changed the direction of my life from a very successful career in advertising and marketing to the most satisfying expression of myself that I have ever experienced. My experience of dis-ease allowed me to use my innate ability to heal and to discover my ability as a gifted healer to assist others on their healing path!

I then began to incessantly seek knowledge and understanding in every place I found myself! Through the depth of my love, I bring the best of the healing modalities to my clients and I share the tools that they individually need to save and fulfill their own lives…it’s comes down to creating the proper “State of Mind”!

Miracles are happening every day.

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